Are you looking for Medical Equipment at the best pricing?

Selecting a Medical Equipment Provider

Selecting the right medical equipment provider can save you money and also make your recovery easier. When you don’t need to stay in a hospital but you need some equipment, you do have options. Exploring them can make the decision easier for you.

Insurance Coverage

If you have insurance, you need to talk to that company first. You may have a few medical equipment providers that you can select from. If you go outside of that network, you may have to pay out of pocket or have to pay a higher price of the amount due. Insurance companies often have to give pre-authorization too before they will pay so don’t just order items and assume they will pay for them.


If you don’t have health insurance or they don’t cover medical equipment, you will need to find out what the cost is going to be. The same item or items may be considerably more expensive from one provider than the next. Don’t assume that all of them will charge you the same amount.

Items Offered

If you need several pieces of medical equipment, it makes sense to get them from the same provider. Make some calls or have someone do so on your behalf. Let them know the items you need and make sure they offer all of them. It will be a headache to get items from more than one provider.

Delivery and Pickup

Will they deliver and pick up the medical equipment for you? Most entities will deliver to your home and set those items up for you. Can they deliver them for the day you will be released from the hospital? Do you just call them when you are ready for those items to be picked up? These are good questions to ask before you order any medical equipment items.


Safety is also very important when it comes to the use of medical equipment. Will they provide you with adequate training about how to use those items? You don’t want to be on your own to figure them out as that can result in injuries or it can make your recovery more stressful.

Customer Service

When you call to inquire about medical equipment, you should get exceptional service. Your questions should be answered and you should feel that they genuinely want to help you. If you don’t get treated well, that should be seen as a red flag. Find another provider to help you with what you need. If you don’t have a local provider, perhaps there is one in a larger town close by that delivers to your area on a weekly basis.


You should be able to find information about providers of medical equipment online. Look for reviews from previous customers. Were they happy with their experience? Were they upset by factors? Would they use that same provider again? Getting the pros and cons of any provider will help you to make a list of potential options to consider.