Get Interested in a Series Mid-Season? Watch TV Shows Online!

I was at a friend’s house visiting for a few days, and got involved in a show she watches regularly. I liked the cast and the action, but I was lost about what was going on. I asked her several questions during commercials so that I wouldn’t interrupt what she was paying attention to.
She told me this was the 4th season and that they were all very good. I was quite taken with the story line. She said that they are online and that she watches that way when she misses it on TV. This is one of the ways to watch tv shows online that can change the way you view media. When I returned home the following week, I looked online and sure enough I found them all. I started at the beginning of the series.
I have lots of free time on my hands in the evening. With the cold weather in the winter months, I don’t venture out more than I must in the evening either. I could watch two or three episodes per night in the series. I have to admit that one night I watched for about four hours. I was so interested in what was unfolding. Occasionally I like to binge watch and I will watch tv shows online for hours on end. I can digest a series so quickly like this.
Part of what was really appealing to me about watching the TV episodes online is that I didn’t have to wait for the next week to see what was taking place next. I was able to complete one episode and go right to the next. Several of them left you wondering what would take place, and I can’t wait to know. The suspense makes me crazy!
I also enjoyed calling my friend who introduced this TV show to me. After I would watch certain elements, I would call her and say I can’t believe this happened or I can’t believe that character got killed off! She keeps telling me just wait it gets better and better. She is very good about not telling me things that she already knows have happened and I appreciate that about her very much.
The funny thing is that my husband is now interested in this show too. He has seen some of it with me as he has walked by and I am watching. He has started asking questions about this character or that scene. So now he is also watching the TV episodes online. He isn’t as far along as I am, but we still have plenty to discuss about them.
In fact, there are days when we are fighting over the computer! He wants to watch an episode where he is at and I want to watch an episode where I am at. We often compromise though and he will do the dishes while I watch and then I will do a household chore while he gets to watch tv shows online.
I have two seasons down and still very interested in this TV show. Without the episodes being offered online, I wouldn’t have been able to ever get caught up or became so interested in this story. There was far too much that I had missed to watch it from where I was first introduced and really feel the depth of it.