Be on the same page with Allentown Roofing Contractors

When you need roofing repairs or replacement, things don’t always go smoothly. Ideally, you need your Allentown roofing contractors to work closely with your insurance company. If you feel like you can’t get them to mesh, you will have issues from the start. Most of the legitimate roofing entities though are very thorough when it comes to meeting the requirements of the insurance. They are willing to work direct with them too, and that reduces the time involved on your end to get it resolved.

Never hire the roofing company to do the work though without the approval of your insurance company. They will need to send their own employee, known as an insurance adjuster, to your home to look at the needs. They will take pictures and put them in your file. Then they will ask you to submit estimates from at least two roofing companies. They want to make sure what they are attempting to bill for is what they agree needs to be done. They aren’t going to approve the cost of a new roof if they feel it is justified for just repairs to be done.

The insurance company is going to have to approve the price they will pay to the roofing contractors for the work. To reduce the risk of fraud, they are going to likely send the check directly to the provider once the work has been done. Of course they are going to send their insurance adjuster back to make sure the work is successfully done, and done right. Otherwise, they aren’t going to release the payment.

You will have to pay the deductible amount for the roofing work to be done. This is the amount you will pay before the insurance is going to pay anything. You will need to pay that directly to the Allentown roofing contractors. Many of them will eliminate or reduce that cost though to entice you to work with them over one of their competitors. This can be a relief if your budget is tight and you aren’t sure how you will come up with those funds.

Make sure you provide your Allentown roofing contractors with the contact information of your insurance company. Likewise, your insurance company should have the provider’s details. Create a file at home for all of the correspondence you have from each of them. This will help you to provide it to either entity later on if you need to. Hold on to those original documents though and either email them a copy or mail them a copy for their records.

Don’t get caught in a crossfire between your insurance company and Allentown roofing contractors. If necessary, set up a three way call so you can all discuss at the same time. Don’t move forward though with the roofing work until your insurance approves it. Otherwise, if they deny the claim, you are legally responsible to pay that bill out of your own pocket and that can be damaging to your finances.