Hiring the Right Kingston DUI Attorney for You

A DUI is considered a misdemeanor in Kingston and a felony in others. There can be additional charges too such as if your license is already revoked or you were involved in an accident due to the use of alcohol. The laws can be very complex and hard to understand too as they often depend on many variables and your blood alcohol level. Hiring the best Kingston DUI attorney you can is very important if you want a great outcome.

While such a Kingston DUI attorney isn’t going to be cheap, try to hire one you pay for rather than getting a public defender. Most public defenders have far too many cases and it is hard for them to dedicate the amount of time each case really needs. They do their best for you but that isn’t going to get you the best results most of the time. Instead, you need a Kingston DUI attorney who specializes in these types of cases.

They aren’t going to take on more cases than they can fully handle. They also have a team to help them execute the best plan of action for each case. They have researchers, receptionists, and much more that make their job easier. This type of help allows them to focus their attention on getting you a great plea, getting ready for trial, or even asking the judge to complete dismiss those charges against you.

Your DUI attorney is going to know the proceedings that occur in your area where you reside. They can often offer you recommendations such as going into rehab voluntarily before you go to trial. This is a wonderful way to show the judge and the prosecution that you are sorry for your behaviors and you are taking action to change them. It can result in a favorable decision on the courtroom for you.

Losing your license is often going to be a consequence of DUI and that means you may struggle to get to work and to other locations. This can make it tough to go about your day to day activities too. Your Kingston DUI attorney may be able to get you a special license allowing you to go to and from work only. It is certainly worth a shot to help you stay on track.

You will likely have to pay a fine for a DUI charge, and that can be very steep. Being able to keep your job is important for you to pay that fine off over a period of time. There can be other stipulations too including probation and attending alcohol classes. Your Kingston attorney is going to do all they can to make this opportunity for you one that doesn’t include jail time.

A DUI is a huge mistake and one you need to learn from. The penalties can be harsh in order to reduce the number of repeat offenders. Find a wonderful Kingston DUI attorney who can help you to get through it with the least amount of difficulty.