Insurance for Nevada Rehabs

Insurance and Nevada Rehabs

Many health insurance programs will pay for Nevada rehabs. However, you don’t want to assume that they will. Contacting them to get information is very important. Paying for rehab shouldn’t be a stressful factor as there is already enough going on.

Contact for Information for a Nevada Rehab

Take a look at the contact information you have for your insurance company. They may have a website that allows you to look up coverage. You can also find a copy of your current policy in the Human Resource office.

If the person that has the insurance coverage is going to an inpatient rehab, there may be issues with continued coverage. This is especially true if the employee is paying the premiums for coverage from their paychecks. Don’ let this stop you from getting help though. Talk to your employer as they often have solutions that can assist with keeping the coverage current.

Type of Coverage

The type of coverage you have is important to think about. There may be specific types of programs it covers but not others. In reality, if the coverage isn’t adequate for your needs, neither will the program. It may be better to pay some or all of it out of pocket to increase the chances of success.You have to identify what you need from the Nevada rehabs with the coverage.

Types of Facilities Available for Nevada Rehabs

It may cover Nevada rehabs that are outpatient but not inpatient. It may cover both types of programs. The credentials of a given facility may be something the insurance is also looking at. For example, they may only cover state licensed drug and alcohol rehab programs. This is to reduce the risk of people getting involved with programs that are inadequate.

Time Limits on Nevada Treatment Centers

You will often find that there is a time limit when it comes to the coverage of Nevada rehabs. Most of them are for a period of 90 days. Some of the newer insurance policies also have a dollar amount. That means they will cover up to a set amount of money and anything over that is the patient’s responsibility.

Ask Questions about Nevada Drug Rehabs

Always ask questions about your insurance policy coverage if anything isn’t clear. Never make assumptions. You may have to get pre-approval for them to pay for a Nevada rehabs. If that is the case, you need to get started with the process right away. It is a good idea to ask questions via email. Then you can have a written response should there be any issues later on about that given response.

Other Arrangements

If your insurance program doesn’t cover all of your needs for a drug/alcohol rehab program, don’t worry. Many of them don’t, but that coverage certainly can help reduce out of pocket expense. Talk to the facility about what amount will remain and they can usually work out some type of payment arrangements. They want to see the patient get help and they will do all they can to make sure money isn’t the reason why they aren’t getting it.