Is it Legal to have All Marijuana Seeds?

It may be legal for you to have marijuana seeds, but don’t make that assumption. In some areas, they are completely illegal. In others, they are limited. It is your responsibility to make sure you know the law so that you don’t get yourself wrapped up in any criminal charges.


State and Country Laws


Each state or country can have different laws when it comes to the purchase and the possession of marijuana seeds. Just because you can purchase them online and have them shipped to your location, isn’t enough to determine if that is legal or not. Take the time to look up that information online and find out for sure. You can also contact local law enforcement where you reside to get current details.


Federal Laws


Keep in mind that there isn’t a blanket scenario when it comes to the laws and marijuana seeds. For example, in the states of California and Colorado it is legal to have seeds. Yet if you cross state lines then you can be in trouble. So you can’t be on a road trip from California to Colorado with them and not worry about getting pulled over! Colorado is very close to Kansas and Wyoming and you can bet that there is law enforcement at the boarders looking for such contraband so be ready!


Number of Plants


In many locations, it may be legal to have marijuana seeds to grow a particular number of plants. Those plants will need to be used for personal consumption online. In most locations, there are laws that mandate someone in that residence must have a medical approval for the use of marijuana to treat a particular health need.


Personal use Only


One of the very sticky areas of marijuana seeds though happens to be if they are for personal use or not. If you have volumes of them, it could be interpreted by law enforcement that you plan to sell them and distribute them which could be illegal where you reside. Make sure you carefully follow these rules and laws too so that they don’t get you wrapped up in legal concerns that can be difficult to untangle in the court system.




If you have determined that it is legal for you to buy and possess marijuana seeds, your next step is to make sure you can get them for a fair price. You also want to get a quality product that is going to create nice looking, healthy plants for you.


Take some time to explore the reputation of a given provider before you purchase marijuana seeds. By reading reviews from other customers, you will be able to find out who offers a great product and who doesn’t. You can also find out who offers a warranty on what they sell. A generous warranty is often a clear indicator of quality marijuana seeds as they are willing to give you the money back if you don’t get results with them. Lockbox Marijuana Seeds