Scranton Hardwood Flooring, New Looks

There are many styles and types of Scranton hardwood flooring, and one that is getting plenty of attention is the bamboo. It is very similar to traditional hardwood flooring, but less expensive. That is one of the main draws to it.


In addition to the financial savings, Scranton hardwood flooring has plenty to offer in terms of durability. There have been plenty of tests conducted on it, and it holds up very well. It is able to resist moisture too which makes it perfect for homes in high humidity locations. It also is highly resident to insects which is an important factor for consumers to think about.


As with any forms of Scranton hardwood flooring, there are numerous variations to think about. The materials that come from Asia are very flat. They can be cut to different lengths and they are easy to stain.


Depending on the type of product purchased, there will be two installation methods to consider. Most of the Scranton hardwood flooring involves the use of glue adhesive known as UF (Urea Formaldehyde. There is also the lock into place installation that is very convenient. This type of hardwood flooring isn’t recommended to be installed with nails. It can split the bamboo.


The use of a dry mop to remove dust and debris is the best way to care for Scranton hardwood flooring. Wet moping should only be done occasionally, with care taken to ensure that the floors get completely dried as soon as possible. It is recommended to use a towel to dry them rather than allowing them to air dry. Make sure the mop is wrung out as much as possible to eliminate excess water from being placed onto this hardwood flooring.


One of the reasons why Scranton is more affordable than other hardwood flooring choices is the age of maturity. Bamboo grows and matures significantly faster than trees do. It is considered to be a renewable resource. It can help with reducing the problems the environment faces when large amounts of trees are cut down for lumber usage.

Bamboo plantations have been established in various areas that were once open and unable to grow much else. The economy has been revved up for the use of bamboo as hardwood flooring. This has helped the global economy in areas of China and Asia.

Distressed Look

Scranton hardwood flooring is a great choice if you enjoy the distressed look. There are differences including blemishes from this type of wood design. If you are into something more uniform than this may not be fitting for you. Be sure you look closely at the options before you make a commitment.

The planks tend to have either a horizontal or a vertical grain orientation to them. Take the time to look at both to see what the difference is and which one you prefer. There are some designs that can be complex to make, but that include the use of both to create a very detailed look in a home. Such an option does take more time but can add value to your home.