Selecting of California Alcohol Rehabs

California Alcohol Rehabs for Teens
Parents may wish to think it is just a phase when their teen is experimenting with alcohol. However, there are many teens that go well beyond that. They may be drinking on a regular basis. They may be engaging in binge drinking, driving while under the influence, or even missing school due to alcohol consumption.
Special Facilities
Find the California alcohol rehabs that are specifically for teens. Your child may already be scared about where they have to go. They aren’t going to feel safe or comfortable with a bunch of adults around. They may open up more around their peers. It also helps them to see that they aren’t the only one their age with such concerns. They may be feeling ashamed and overwhelmed, so realizing they aren’t alone can really help them move forward.
Evaluate the Program
If possible, explore the facilities where alcohol rehab is offered for teens. Do they have a good structure and balance within the program? What types of activities will they take part in? How much free time do they have? What types of one on one learning and counseling are offered? Will the teens have chores and responsibilities that they need to take part in daily?
Make sure the program is accredited and in good standing. You don’t want to send your child to a facility that isn’t able to offer them the best rehab services. It is also a good idea to ask for a copy of the rules. What will be the repercussions if your child doesn’t follow those rules?
Visits at California Alcohol Rehabs
Are you going to be able to visit your teen in the facility? If so, what is that schedule and what can you bring with you? Are you able to make phone calls and send letters between visits? The facility may limit who can visit too in order to reduce the risk of friends that could be negative influences. They may limit it to only immediate family.
There are some California alcohol rehabs for teens where they can’t have visitors for the first several weeks. This is to allow them to go through the detox and to really submerge themselves into the program. They will earn those visitation privileges as they move forward. Not all parents are okay with such a set up so make sure you know what the process will be prior to sending your kid there.
Many alcohol rehabs in California also offer education for teens. They want them to be able to stay current on their school work. If your child has a serious drinking program though it may be best for them to focus on recovery first. With California alcohol rehabs that cater to so many specific needs, you can find one that covers the broad spectrum of care you desire. Then they can look at education once they are over the tough hurdles.
After Treatment
Alcohol rehab is just a stepping stone, and the treatment centers in California needs to continue after they leave the facility. This includes the support of family and friends. It also means community resources that can help. Letting school personnel also know is important so that they can help with monitoring behaviors in the learning environment.