Tax Attorneys for Tax Fraud & Tax Evasion

Tax Attorneys for Tax Fraud & Tax Evasion
Most of the time, when the IRS does an audit, they may find small mistakes. They are unintentional so they contact the person or the business. They want the taxes that are owed and they want the interest due. They may add on penalty costs too. However, when the IRS feels that someone has been intentionally negligent with their personal or business taxes, that all changes.
Tax attorneys can help when there are charges of tax fraud or tax evasion. These are very serious charges. Not only can they come with huge fines and fees, they can result in jail time and a felony record. The civil tax fraud penalty can be up to 75% of the tax amount that is owed. This means you owe the tax amount plus 75% more! Then they add on penalties and late fees to that amount.
Should the IRS auditor ask that a criminal investigation be conducted, then you may face tax prosecution. You definitely want to hire one of the best tax attorneys for either type of scenario. They may be able to get your case dismissed, they can get the costs and the severity of the issue reduced, or they can at least keep you out of jail.
With advanced software, the IRS does have tools at their disposable to look closely for identifiers that can mean tax fraud or tax evasion. The penalty can be up to 5 years in jail and fines up to $500,000 so it is certainly worth the cost of hiring a tax attorney to represent you.
If you are accused of tax fraud, then that is very serious. We recommend a competent provider, like the one found here. Your tax attorney may be able to show just cause about why they mistakes were accidental and not deliberate as the IRS believes. Getting this established in your favor can significantly improve the overall outcome of the case. It may still cost you money, but not any criminal charges or jail time.
To help reduce the risk of tax fraud or tax evasion, you need to make sure you always report all of your income. You need to keep good records personally and for your business. That way the IRS can see verification of what you claimed should they conduct an audit.
Failure to file tax returns is also illegal. Tax attorneys are often called in to help with representation of such cases. Maybe you were worried you were going to owe money so you didn’t file. Maybe you got divorced or you thought you didn’t have to file. Regardless of the reason, the IRS is now on your track and you need a professional attorney to help you get through it.
A great tax attorney with skills, with knowledge of the laws, and that has good communication skills can help you. Schedule some consultations so that you can put this bad situation behind you. They can help you with filing past due tax returns, with getting an agreement in place with the IRS, and more.