The Benefits of Wilkes-Barre Sealcoating

The Benefits of Wilkes-Barre Sealcoating

There are plenty of benefits from the sealcoating process. In colder areas, it helps to extend the overall life of the roads. It can be very expensive to redo them often. It can also create congestion and frustration due to the detours and construction zones. In warmer areas it can help protect the roads from the heat of the sun.

UV rays cause more damage to asphalt than people realize. We tend to think it is vehicles that cause the most harm. Yet in areas where the sun shines most days out of the year, Wilkes-Barre sealcoating is essential. In areas where the winter is harsh and the summer offers triple digits it is also a benefit that can save money. When you start to notice changes in the color of the asphalt, that is a good indicator it is suffering from UV exposure.

Asphalt is a petroleum based product, and it interacts with gasoline and oil from vehicles that drive on those roads. With the sealcoat in place, there is an invisible barrier that prevents such petroleum based materials from mixing together and damaging the roads. Without it, you will start to notice the erosion of the materials that make up the asphalt entity.

It starts to look rough rather than smooth to the eyes. You can feel the difference too such as when you walk through a parking lot or down the driveway. The lower areas of the entity are going to have small piles of sand present. If you don’t take action at that point, you will start to see larger rocks showing up. They come loose from the asphalt.

The area can start to look dirty and unkempt. The fact it is losing flexibility is to blame for this occurring. Normally, it will be able to bounce back from normal wear and tear. When that flexibility is lost, the asphalt will become brittle. It is at that point it will break. Then the entire asphalt area will have to be taken up and redone. There is no ability to simply use the Wilkes-Barre sealcoating at that point in time.

The life span of asphalt will be significantly increased with the proper use of sealcoating. The cost of asphalt varies at times, but it isn’t cheap. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a driveway, a parking lot, or roads. The cost all adds up and it doesn’t make sense to pay more for it than you really have to. It is far less expensive to add Wilkes-Barre sealcoating than to redo the area.

In order for sealcoat to work like it should, a filling agent for cracks needs to be applied first. The life of the asphalt can be extended by several decades with this procedure. The sealcoat may need to be applied at regular intervals to continue offering the same level of protection. Typically, it is recommended to be done on an annual basis for busy roadways. The savings of time and money for road repairs can be substantial.