The birth of UO gold, first and last MMORPG

Ever since the birth of ultima online (uo) there has been UO gold. UO gold is the currency of the very first mmorpg and is a active and desired currency. When you think about how much uo gold has passed through the hands of the players it is truly remarkable. The game consists of an open market with the use of player vendors which can be most commonly found around moon gates and popular city edges. Vendors are housed by players house plots and are almost always outside of the guarded zone so watch out for monsters.

There are so many different ways to earn UO gold in ultima online that there’s no way I could name them all. Most players look for their UO gold by killing, either other players or monsters, the path to riches comes at the tip of their sword. Less ambitious ones might seek out their UO gold by gathering resources or crafting items of value.

Another way is through trading, the open market has it’s advantages. By buying low and selling high you can turn your linty pockets in heavy dream holders. UO gold is always on the move, the community is very active and the vendors sell thousands of items a day. Checks are also available in this game which allows you to turn large amounts of UO gold into a piece of paper with the total gold amount on it. In order to “cash” a UO gold check, just double click on it with your mouse, assuming you have enough room in your bank for all of the piles of gold.